Canoga Park, CA

Every person has their own basic needs to survive and owning a swimming pool is definitely not one of them, unless you happen to own a residence up in Canoga Park CA. With the pool you want your guests to feel invited and having the desire to quickly jump into the pool for a quick swim. Stanton Pools understands this and that is why you need to know how much effort it takes to keep your pool looking inviting all year round.

While pools are not as uncommon as you would think in Canoga Park CA, you will definitely want to be able to use it all year round so that means your pool will need a heater to keep the waters warm enough for a dip during winter. Like everything else on your pool, your heater will need maintenance every so often and that happens to be one of the key areas that the people form Stanton Pools excel in. Not only will they check on your pool’s heater for you but they can include checking for the condition of the lights in your pool or spa.

Have you also begun noticing the green gunk that’s growing at the bottom of your pool and on the tiles? What do you think people feel when they see this right before they are to dive head first into your pool? Stanton Pools knows exactly how they would feel and are well equipped to remove all that gunk and return your pool to its former glory.

Even if your pool’s tiles aren’t accumulating gunk and mold just yet, this doesn’t mean the surface of your pool’s water won’t collect debris and leaves. While this may seem like an easy process, collecting debris off the surface of your pool, it can become very time consuming when you don’t have the right equipment to do the job. That is why you need Stanton Pools to get the job done professionally and in record time.

These are just some of the services we offer in Canoga Park:

  • Pool heater installation
  • Pool equipment repair
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Pool heater repair
  • LADWP pool pump rebate