Chatsworth, CA

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the significance of owning a pool in one’s own backyard in Chatsworth CA.Making sure it always works is vital yet quite harrowing for those who don’t have the knowledge or experience and that is why Stanton Pools can take care of everything for you.

Your pool is comprised of various parts that all need to work together in order for your pool to run as intended. This includes water filters that separate debris out of the system so that it doesn’t cycle back into your pool. You definitely can’t control the size of debris and unwanted foreign objects like leaves and rocks to land in your pool but your filter can become damaged if it is not maintained from time to time.

Stanton Pools has professionals specializing in filter maintenance and not only that, they have complete knowledge of how your pool’s filtering system works after taking a look at it. They will know exactly what the condition of your filter is and will be able to suggest possible needs for maintenance or repair. You can see how if you don’t have the specialized knowledge that they do, changing your own pool’s filter system becomes very daunting.

Naturally when you have a swimming pool in Chatsworth CA you will want to be able to use your pool at all times of the day and nothing is more fun than having a poolside party especially at night. To do this, your pool comes equipped with lights embedded into the walls or the floor to give proper lighting. The bulbs can become worn out after a prolonged period and will require changing from time to time. Again, you will not have to worry about a single thing as Stanton Pools knows exactly how they can help you replace your light bulbs.

If you ever notice your pool’s water pumps malfunctioning or are simply not doing what you expect them to do, then you should immediately notify Stanton Pools so that they can come and have a look at your pool’s pumps to see if they need any repairs done.

These are just some of the services we offer in Chatsworth:

  • Salt water pool
  • Pool service
  • Variable speed pool pump
  • LADWP pool pump rebate
  • Pool heater repair