Northridge, CA

Live in Northridge CA and have a pool to call your own? You may think that you know everything when it comes to keeping your pool clean and well maintained but as the professionals from Stanton Pools can tell you, it isn’t just all about making sure you collect the dry leaves off the surface of the water.

While there are definitely many factors that determine how often your pool needs to be cleaned or maintained, the one fact that doesn’t change is that you should rely on the experts from Stanton Pools to handle it for you. While you may be able to take care of the basic stuff, what will you do when your pool needs more expert attention when it leaks, for example? Leakage in a swimming pool is not only common but the exact reasons are often unknown unless a professional takes a look at it. This is exactly why Stanton Pools can help you reduce the stress and frustration from having to do it all by yourself.

However Stanton Pools is certainly no one trick pony as they can not only ensure your pool is well maintained but also that it is kept as clean as possible. Your pool requires a tremendous amount of care to keep it looking clean and that is a fact. If you decide not to have your pool cleaned weekly, then over an extended period of time your pool will begin to look green and black as mold and other gunk starts to grow on the tiles.

From the sound of it you definitely should not attempt to acid wash your pool without the help of professionals like Stanton Pools. Acid and other cleaning chemicals can be dangerous when mishandled, that is why you should not take the chance if you lack the knowhow in the first place.

These are just some of the services we offer in Northridge:

  • Pool heater
  • Pool repair
  • Pool companies
  • Pool pumps
  • DWP pool pump rebate