Westlake Village, CA

A pool is only as good as it is clean. This is a fact that many new pool owners cannot seem to comprehend, whether it’s in Westlake Village CA or in any other part of the world, there is simply no way for people to look at your dirty pool and then feel like jumping in. Stanton Pools completely understands this and that is why they have a wide variety of cleaning tools and methods to help maintain the tiles of your pool spotless and the water crystal clear.

You will not have to worry about a thing as Stanton Pools can perform weekly cleanings for your pool to ensure that it is kept as spotless as possible. You may think that having your pool cleaned on a weekly basis is too frequent but the fact is that it doesn’t take long for foreign objects like leaves, rocks and sand to contaminate your pool.

In some cases where cleaning your pool in Westlake Village CA takes more than just a simple scrub or vacuum, the professionals at Stanton Pools can go even further as to scrub your pool’s tiles and steps for you once the pool’s water has been drained. When your tiles or steps start accumulating mold and grime, they can take on a slimy texture and become dangerously slippery.

The main reason you got yourself a pool is so that your family and friends can enjoy it without the risk of any injury. Slippery tiles are accident prone and when left too long, will need more effort to remove. That is why the guys at Stanton Pools can take care of this matter on your behalf and help to lower the risk of people accidentally slipping.

Your pool’s filter system is absolutely vital in ensuring that foreign objects and contaminants are kept out of the pool for good. There is always the possibility of your filters getting full and needing to be cleaned every once in a while which is what Stanton Pools can do for you.

These are just some of the services we offer in Westlake Village:

  • Pool heater installation
  • Pool equipment repair
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Pool heater repair
  • LADWP pool pump rebate