Winnetka, CA

When you are living in Winnetka, CA there are many things you could do to raise your popularity in the neighborhood and it just so happens that having a swimming pool is one of them. Here are a few pieces of advice to help you keep your pool running for a long time and working as intended.

It is a common fact that many swimming pool owners areunaware of how much work and energy it takes to keep their pool well maintained and cleaned. The professionals from Stanton Pools recommend that you hire them for weekly cleaning so that they can prevent any growth or buildup of mold. Why is this so important you ask? The answer is simple, mold growth leaves a black and greenish stain on your pool’s tiles and floor, it also makes the water look dirty.

Nobody would ever want to dive into a pool that looks that way and so the experts from Stanton Pools will use conventional methods like vacuuming and netting the pool to remove unwanted leaves or sand that may have been blown by the air and into the pool. Sometimes if the stain is simply too stubborn to go away, then the experts from Stanton Pools will resort to using acid washing instead.

Aside from keeping your pool cleaned thoroughly throughout the year, Stanton Pools understands that you will need help with the general upkeep of your swimming pool. To put it simply, parts of your pool will deteriorate after prolonged use. Sometimes they can be easily seen such as the overall quality of your tiles while others, like your pool’s filter system, is hidden form plain sight and you may not even realize it when it’s time to maintain them.

That being said, Stanton Pools understands how this can easily affect their customers in the Winnetka, CA area and are therefore prepared to help maintain every part of your pool.

These are just some of the services we offer in Winnetka:

  • Salt water pool
  • Pool service
  • Variable speed pool pump
  • LADWP pool pump rebate
  • Pool heater repair