Woodland Hills, CA

Swimming pools are definitely considered a piece of luxury when you live in Woodland Hills, CA and that is why it is even more important that you keep it properly cleaned at all times. However there are plenty of others who do not have the right knowhow so why don’t you let the professionals from Stanton Pools do the cleaning for you?

The Importance of weekly cleaning and inspections

For a pool to be exposed to the elements constantly, the upside is that it allows you to have a swim while outdoors which is great but the downside is that falling leaves and other debris like sand are bound to fly into your pool, contaminating its waters. That’s why Stanton Pools can arrange for weekly cleanings for your pool. This is to ensure that there is no buildup of unnecessary debris which may cause a problem later on to your pool.

The other main benefit of arranging for weekly cleanings is that this allows your pool to come under close inspection by Stanton Pools to look for any sort of wear and tear that may be forming on your pool. Nothing remains forever and that is true for your swimming pool hence the need for weekly cleanings and reviewing of the integrity of your pool’s tiles, and to see if there is any further need for decking and coping.

When typical solutions aren’t enough

Sometimes people leave their pools unattended for long periods of time and as such, mold and other pollutants start to grow. This leaves a sickening and unsightly green and black spots on your pool. At this point in time, Stanton Pools understands that regular cleaning solutions won’t work anymore. They will then be forced to perform acid washing to kill the mold growth and to brush the pool’s steps and tiles to completely get rid of it.

However if you allow the experts from Stanton Pools to perform weekly checks and cleaning, the most they might have to do is to net and vacuum the pool. So if you are living in Woodland Hills, CA, give Stanton Pools a call today!

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